Commerce7 integration is a click away.

Our standard Commerce7 integration plugin has always been, and always will be, free. For wineries who are ready to grow, we offer an exclusive Enhanced Integration.


  • Easy to use
  • Full Gutenberg support
  • Page builder support
  • SEO Improvements*
  • Regularly updated

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  • All features from Standard
  • Major SEO improvements
  • Full integration in WordPress
  • Advanced social sharing
  • Advanced search abilities
  • 3rd party accessibility tested
  • Improved events and recipes
  • More features added regularly

Read more about how 5forests makes the best Commerce7 websites on the internet with our Enhanced Commerce7 Integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of SEO improvements does 5forests make to Commerce7?

In our free Commerce7 for WordPress plugin, we’ve solved the widespread issue of canonical URLs on dynamic routes. This means your products and collections will be indexed faster by Google and you won’t have any search console errors.

In our Enhanced Commerce7 for WordPress platform, we’ve upped the anti to put you ahead of your competition. Read more about the improved SEO for Commerce7.

Is the free plugin sufficient for my needs?

In most cases, the answer is yes. The free plugin has been used for years, by as many as 500 wineries today, and has stood the test of time. It’s coded properly, made to be easy, updated often, and with the team at 5forests behind it, you know it’s top of the line. Our free plugin is so popular that many competing wine marketing agencies use it for their clients, and some have gone as far as including our code in their own custom offerings (fully legal as long as we’re given credit, as per GPL licensing laws).

Will the Enhanced Integration solve all my problems?

Well, it will certainly solve many of your technical problems, and it will absolutely set you up for success on the website, but no single plugin or integration can solve the overall dynamics of successful DTC sales. That’s why our Enhanced Integration is part of our larger Digital Marketing for Wineries offerings. 5forests sets the bar when it comes to successful wine DTC, and we keep the innovations coming. If you’re ready to grow, contact us today.