Although this plugin works perfectly fine out of the box, you may want to customize aspects of it to suit your site. Here’s some of our recommended customizations.

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Redirect Empty Pages

Certain pages in the Commerce7 setup rely on URL parameters to populate dynamic data on the page. The three main examples are the Product page, the Collection page, and the Club page.

The Product page and the Collection page are, by that nature, empty pages when viewed at their root URLs of /product and /collection. The Club page does list your clubs, but many find the format to be less appealing than a custom made landing page.

Redirection Plugin

The best way to overcome this is by redirecting requests to these pages. To do this, we will use the free WordPress plugin Redirection.

After installing and activating this plugin, create the following redirects:

Redirection Plugin

Here’s what these do. When viewing a collection page through /collection/{slug}, the Commerce7 content will appear as normal. But if someone tries to view /collection on it’s own, it will redirect them to /collection/wine, there by preventing access to the default empty page. This applies to the /product page as well. In both cases, you should choose the URL you would like to redirect to. We used wine as our default collection. For a product, we’ve selected a random product from our shop, but you could also redirect them anywhere you prefer.

The /club page has been redirected to a totally new WordPress page /clubs, which we would recommend create as a landing page to sell your wine club.

Style the Floating Cart

If you have the floating cart enabled in the plugin, you may wish to customize the way it looks to better match your theme.

The box itself is wrapped with an ID of #c7wp-cart-box and has the elements .c7-login and .c7-cart in it.

You can use this ID and these classes inside your theme's CSS, or the WordPress customizer, to style as you see fit.

Floating cart HTML structure

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